Every Good Gift

White woman with blonde hair wearing black T-shirt with the words celebrate absolutely everything in white lettering

When I asked God what He wanted said in this space today it was simply this: “Let your #CelebrateAbsolutelyEverything come from a place of authentic gratitude.”

You don’t have to force it, just seek the silver lining wherever you are and let the thankfulness spiral into anything, no, actually everything, that you see as a good gift. Believe in your heart that it’s from Him.

You’re loved. You’re appreciated. You’re needed.

For 6 years God has been asking me to speak this message, and now he’s telling me to step out of my comfort zone and shout it from the mountain tops. I am trying to be obedient to His calling, to serve Him here in this way, or whatever way He asks, every single day that I’m able.


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