Every Good Gift

White woman with blonde hair wearing black T-shirt with the words celebrate absolutely everything in white lettering

When I asked God what He wanted said in this space today it was simply this: “Let your #CelebrateAbsolutelyEverything come from a place of authentic gratitude.”

You don’t have to force it, just seek the silver lining wherever you are and let the thankfulness spiral into anything, no, actually everything, that you see as a good gift. Believe in your heart that it’s from Him.

You’re loved. You’re appreciated. You’re needed.

For 6 years God has been asking me to speak this message, and now he’s telling me to step out of my comfort zone and shout it from the mountain tops. I am trying to be obedient to His calling, to serve Him here in this way, or whatever way He asks, every single day that I’m able.



Celebrate Absolutely Everything has many meanings.

It is an open and ongoing invitation to seek the good in the things that the world may tell you there is nothing good about.

It’s that sliver of hope and gratitude for the journey when a diagnosis shakes your life.

It’s the feeling that propels you to keep living.

It’s found in the high moments where everything is going right.

It’s found in the gathering of people and the feeling of community.

It’s found in the quiet moments.

It’s choosing to rest in the presence of God when the world is filled with uncertainty.

It is saying “I WILL CELEBRATE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING because, in the highs and lows, I am able to see that there is still so much to celebrate”.


Things to Celebrate

A slow morning where my family cuddles up on the couch for virtual church.

An after church Zoom coffee hour to visit with some of our Immanuel family.

The sound of my guy peeling potatoes in the kitchen and curating a lunch for us all.

The smallest boy, snuggling me tight around the neck with his “good morning, momma” greeting, and a kiss on the cheek.

The things I find dirty or out of place around the home. The need for cleaning and tidying is a sure sign of life happening here.

Although my body is weak right now, and I’m uncertain what is ailing me, I’m certain that this trial is no surprise to the Lord. Today I celebrate that He is in control, He is good, and this life is absolutely worth celebrating every day.

Celebrate Absolutely Everything t-shirt

Hello friends!

I blog over at aslightlybetterwife.com. I claimed celebrate absolutely everything a few years ago, after I found myself saying it and living it.

Celebrate absolutely everything is my life motto. I believe that no matter the circumstances there is always something to celebrate!

If this fun shirt washes and wears well I’ll be making many more than adding them to my shop page.